Boost your confidence and develop your influence

With Emma Rhoades

Go from invisible to influential inside your workplace.

Middle management it tough! You've got to inspire and lead your team, make sure you're achieving and getting results, all the wile developing your influence with your managers and senior stakeholders. You might be second guessing yourself, trying to do all the right things, meanwhile watching others around you receive promotions and opportunities.

Join Emma in this session as she shows you how to go from invisible to influential inside your workplace, be seen, be heard and increase your confidence. You'll uncover:

1. The 5 stages of invisible to influential journey.

2. The 3 focus ares that you need to develop so you can boost your confidence and develop your influence.

3. How to use your 'Leadership Statement' to focus your vision and growth.

  • You'll gain a clearer focus for you next steps in your own leadership journey.
  • Understand what stage of the journey you're currently at.
  • Walk away with tangible actions to take inside your workplace.
  • Start work on your Leadership Statement.
  • Know how to increase your confidence.

Emma Rhoades is passionate about creating authentic and courageous leaders. She is an award-winning entrepreneur, founder of Her Leadership Journey and Creator of the Inspired Leaders Academy. Emma's ability to help women in the workplace transform from invisible and unheard, to an influential and inspirational leader has resulted in many women moving up their career ladder. She's curious, asks loads of questions and will push you to believe in yourself like you've never done before.