No more snore-worthy meetings!

With David Price

How to create and lead meetings that are highly productive and people want to attend.

In survey after survey, the most hated aspect of work is meetings! There are three main complaints - too many, too long, and not productive. There are lots of reasons but it simply does not have to be that way.

In this session you'll hear simple, practical and effective ways to make your meetings highly productive. People will actually want to attend because the meetings are fast moving, decisive and produce tangible results. The aim of any meeting should be to move things forward - not dwell in the past. They should be question based - "What needs to be decided or done to move us forward, who will do it, by when?"

This session will be entertaining and realistic. You'll be able to apply the ideas and strategies as soon as you sit down at your desk. Remember, every time you speak or lead a meeting, your leadership skills are on show for the world to see. Great leaders run great meetings - this session will show you how to turn snore-worthy meetings into "must not miss" events.

  • Understand what makes up the foundation stones of great meetings.
  • Know how to structure a productive agenda.
  • Know how to keep things moving.
  • Have strategies to handle difficult or tricky situations.
  • Have the techniques to harness the collective skills, experience, knowledge and wisdom to build real collaboration.
  • Develop the skill to ask insightful questions that keep things moving forward.
  • Know how to harness the power of curiosity to build engagement.

David Julian Price is a recognised expert in everything to do with meetings - from high level meeting leadership through to minute taking. With qualifications in governance as well as having written four books on meetings, David brings a practical and streetwise perspective. He has the uncanny ability to make a dry subject come to life. You'll learn. You'll laugh. You'll learn some more.