Leadership Brand Presence for Professional Success

With Sue Currie

Step UP and Stand Out! Create career success by putting your best brand forward.

Step Up and Stand Out! Create career success by putting your best brand forward.

The strongest advantage you have in your career is YOU. Professional reputation and perceptions are developed through every contact you make both inside and outside of your company. You need to consider what can be done to build positive professional relationships, create influence and impact to position you for your career success. In this session Personal Branding Specialist Sue Currie will help you understand three steps to leadership presence that will impact your career.

1. Pinpoint your personal brand to understand your unique value.

2. Present a leading-edge professional image.

3. Promote and communicate your personal brand.

Creating and communicating a strong leadership brand is a strategy all professionals can leverage to gain greater career opportunities. Personal branding should make you memorable, distinguishable and instil confidence in your capabilities.

  • Understand what personal brand reputation is and the effect on career success.
  • Gain more clarity on their personal strengths and personal brand attributes.
  • Understand the impact of professional image in a professional environment.
  • Realise the value of self-promotion to achieve personal and professional goals.
  • Develop a communication action plan for continued development of their Personal Leadership Brand.

Sue Currie is a businesswoman, speaker and author of IMPRESSario: Present and Promote the Star Within You. As a result of her media profile and practical experience, Sue is considered to be a leading image and personal brand authority. Sue is passionate about helping business executive and entrepreneurial professionals understand the power of professional presence and confident communication. Sue's suite of services provides a multi-faceted approach to gain high transformation for her clients.