The Art of Exceptionality: How to make your brand unique and world class

With Jane Anderson

How to elevate beyond delivering business as usual.

Having influence in a noisy and distracting world can be hard. The constant pressure for attention from team members to stakeholders and trying to get them to take action can be exhausting. Whilst we focus on doing a good job and hoping our work will speak for itself, middle managers are being forced to elevate beyond delivering business as usual. The good news if that it can be a lot easier than you might think. After working with some of the world's leading personal and business brands, in this session Jane Anderson will share "The Art of Exceptionality" to gain greater influence and presence as a world class Middle Manager.

  • Why Exceptionality matters in a noisy world and why uniqueness alone doesn't cut-through the noise.
  • The two key things that exceptional brands do differently than any others.
  • The number one secret to becoming a world class Middle Manager.
  • The three simple steps to elevate your uniqueness at work and yet still fit in.
  • How to have the confidence to tread your own path as a Middle Manager for career success.

Jane Anderson is a Strategic Communications expert. With over 20 years' experience she has worked with over 100,000 people, especially women on building more trust and influence in their businesses and brands. Jane has been voted in the top 3 branding gurus globally and is also a contributor on Forbes. She is the author of 9 books including "The Art of Exceptionality: How to Make Your Brand Unique and World Class".