Get RED-dy to Power Up Your Presentation Skills

With Mel Sherwood

Project a powerful and authentic presence

As a leader, the ability to present with clarity, confidence and charisma is an essential skill in your management toolkit, and the great news is that everyone can learn to do it well. In this session you will learn how to craft a clear, credible and compelling presentation that inspires others to take action. Plus, discover tips to enhance your personal presence and use your voice effectively for maximum impact and influence.

  • Build rapport and engage an audience of 1 to 1000.
  • Apply a simple structure that works for (almost) every presentation.
  • Prepare and use your voice to amplify your message.
  • Avoid the number one mistake most presents make.
  • Incorporate The RED Effect™ to project a powerful and authentic presence.

Mel Sherwood is a Pitch and Presentation Specialist, Founder of The RED Effect™ and author of award-nominated book 'The Authority Guide to Pitching Your Business'. She works with entrepreneurs and business professionals who want to express themselves with confidence, credibility and charisma. An Australian now based in Scotland, Mel is in demand as a speaker, trainer and coach and combines over 25 years' experience in business with a background as an actor, presenter and singer.