The Customer of Tomorrow

With Michelle Pascoe

Developing your multi-generational team

Up to five generations are now represented in your workplace and customer profiles. Knowledge of their 'drivers' is more critical to people and performance and customer satisfaction today than ever.

Painting a brief portrait of the key 'generational qualities', Michelle will proceed to focus on optimising the potential of managing those on the front line through the professional and personal development of the leadership team, translating into the VIP Customer Service experience.

  • Multi-generational customer expectations and service delivery.
  • How to optimise the potential of your team.
  • Equipping your team to deliver a superior customer service experience.
  • Understanding the importance of a united leadership team.
  • Discovering the generational diversity in your workplace.

Coaching and training leadership teams in the hospitality industry over the past three decades through her company O.O.P.S. has been Michelle Pascoe's passion. In this presentation Michelle brings to life the drivers of the front-line team and needs of the customer in the multi-generational workforce, that the middle managers of today require to build and lead a unite team.