SPARK your Self-Leadership

With Sally Foley-Lewis

Great leadership starts with exceptional self-leadership

Has disruption to the world of work dented your confidence?

Are you struggling to have your voice heard?

Do you want more courage and influence in yourself, your leadership, your career?

The second decade of this 21st century has seen the world of work shift in ways no one could have predicted.

leaders today struggle to engage and influence despite seemingly endless screen time and being in more meetings than ever before. Long hours, juggling everyone else's priorities, burning out and losing sight of the clear line between work and home life impact on a leader's confidence, boundaries and wellbeing.

Leaders with exceptional self-leadership have the courage to stand up, speak up and stand out to ensure they have more engaged and productive people; a strong and respected voice; and a reputation as a confident and influential leader.

  • Why exceptional self-leadership leads to successful leadership.
  • Identify the three V's for improving your self-leadership.
  • Discover how self-leadership will give you more confidence, influence and courage; and the the three I's.
  • Explore the nine strategies for igniting your self-leadership.
  • Unleash and spark your personal power for greater leadership and career success.

Sally Foley-Lewis inspires managers to be high performing, purposeful and productive. She ensures people reach their potential. Sally's presentations and programs positively impact confidence, leadership and results. A multi-award winning global professional speaker, Sally has also authored many books. The drive to support and skill managers comes from her own CEO and senior leadership experiences. Through presentations, keynote speeches, workshops and coaching - online and face-to-face - Sally skills managers, boosts productive, confidence and self-leadership.