Organisations don't change, people do!

With Dr Stacey Ashley

Level up your change leadership so you and your team thrive.

Are you leading change right now? Or maybe you call it transformation, or transition.

Of course you are. Any leader is a leader of change.

Life is change. The world was experiencing an ever increasing rate of change long before the events of the COVID pandemic. Now, more than ever, leaders need to create the opportunity for their own people to become masters of change. Rather than simple surviving change, what if your people could thrive during change?

And yet, we know that he majority of change activities fail to achieve the desired outcomes.


One of the biggest factors is that leaders are not taught how to lead change. It is simply assumed they know how. Like anything, being equipped with the right skills and support will make it easier for you to succeed. What are the skill you need to develop so that you can successful deliver effective change and transformation? In Stacey's session you will learn:

  • The human centred ADKAR approach for change and the importance of leader role modelling.
  • How to pace your change for sustainability.
  • Using the Curve and WHOOSH to get the biggest return for your change efforts.
  • How recognising reality creates leverage.
  • The value of using a coaching approach.

Dr Stacey Ashley is a leadership and coaching expert, obsessed with leading possibility. With over 30 years' experience, Stacey has helped 1000's to develop leadership competence, confidence and credibility. She has authored five #1 Amazon best-seller books about leadership. Stacey has four international Stevie Awards, including Coach of the Year 2019, has been nominated for the Telstra Business & Women's Awards nine times and in 2018 she was named in LinkedIn's Global Top Voices.