The Intrapreneurial Middle Manager: Key players in the new world of work

With Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw

Discover your intrapreneurial leadership potential

Middle Managers play a key role in organisational effectiveness, culture and team performance. By brining an intrapreneurial mindset and approach to their work, they can unlock and harness the under-utilised potential within themselves and their teams which can directly translate into value creation for their organisation. This is the BEST way to thrive in our disrupted, uncertain, rapidly transforming world.

The imperative is clear - develop and support middle managers to be proactive opportunity-finders and energised creative problem-solvers who can lead themselves and their teams in ways that will take their enterprise into new markets, drive transformation, evolve business models, create engagement, cut through bureaucracy, solve customers' problems and generally create massive value.

This presentation will help middle managers appreciate their value to the organisation as intrapreneurs and why developing the skills of an intrapreneur will enhance their careers by making them the most valuable of all employees.

  • Understand the concept of intrapreneurialism and why it is so important for them right now.
  • Know how to develop and use their intrapreneurial skills to be even more effective middle managers.
  • Discover their intrapreneural leadership potential.
  • Be able to use their intrapreneurial talent to build a culture of intrapreneurialism in their teams and organisations.

Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw is an educator, academic, author, speaker, entrepreneur and Founder of the Global Intrapreneurs Institute. She has dedicated her working life to the liberation of human potential and is on a mission to harness the vast reservoir of untapped talent within workplaces by empowering people to use their creativity and intrapreneurial talent to solve complex problems which create value in their organisations and beyond.