How to Beat Imposter Syndrome and Be Confident

With Sam Osbourne

Learn how to beat that beast that affects 7 in 10 people!

Imposter syndrome is the fear of having your inadequacies exposed, despite evidence to the contrary. Consequently, quite competent people doubt their intelligence and expertise, often crediting their achievements to luck, rather than effort and skill. The imposter phenomenon affects about 7 in 10 people. So, you are note alone, and there is a way to beat it.

  • Discover what is imposter syndrome.
  • Identify its underlying causes.
  • Break the cycle of self-doubt and upgrade to a cycle of confidence.
  • Reframe your perspective of imposter syndrome and use it to your benefit.
  • Tap into your authentic expert mindset.
  • Increase your self-worth so you can advance in your career and business.

Sam Osbourne is a qualified educator, author and speaker. He's a teacher, consultant and mentor to hundreds of students in multiple countries. Sam is a creative thinker and an engaging presenter. He holds degrees in Philosophy, English and Education, and is a former events DJ and performer. Sam helps entrepreneurs, educators and artists go from IMPOSTER SYNDROME to AUTHENTIC EXPERT and activate their mindset to dramatically excel in business and life.