Bring the best from your team as a Coaching Manager

With Joanna Thumiger

Achieve great results, boost motivation and increase engagement through coaching.

As Middle Managers, you have the responsibility to engage your team members and achieve results through them. Too often we hear middle managers say, why is it so hard to manage people! One of the best techniques you can use to engage your employees and bring the best out of them so they achieve great results, is coaching! Coaching is about getting others to think for themselves and feel excited and motivated to accomplish more. Bringing about a sense of ownership in others allows them to feel pride in their work and then they strive for greater personal success as well. Being a coaching manager makes your own life as a manager more rewarding as you will achieve, have motivated employees, and have more time to attain your own goals! In this session learn tops on how to become more of a coaching manager.

    • Know what it means to be a coaching manager.
    • Appreciate the value of making the change to a coaching manager.
    • Discover what it takes to be a coaching manager.
    • Learn coaching tips and techniques to apply in the workplace.
    • Know the best times to coach and when other people management techniques may be more appropriate.

Joanna Thumiger was an award-winning retail leader in Australia before taking on leadership roles in various industries across four continents. Upon settling in Singapore, her Director roles helped her develop an acute understanding of what organisations need to drive engagement. She established JET Corporate Development so the she could provide customised development programs. As an accredited coach and master facilitator, Joanna has a vibrant energy as she passionately inspires leaders to reach their potential.