Muster UP Package

Keep Your Learning Going

Download and Keep the Experts with You

When you watch your favourite movie for the second, third and even tenth time, have you picked up on things that you hadn't noticed before?

The more times you can go back over content the more you will pick up and add to your own development. That's what will happen when you upgrade to the Muster UP Package.

When you upgrade and purchase the Muster UP Package you get to download and keep all the recordings which you can refer back to for as long as you want.

You will also receive a full set of Management Success Cards, valued at $57.00:

65 colour-coded management skill development cards designed to coach you through your professional development. The 12 essential management skills are covered in the deck. Each card will inspire and drive you to think and act confidently, productively and successfully.

You will also receive The Productive Leader: Achieve More, Reduce Stress and Gain Two More Hours per Day, valued at $35.00 to download: