It’s time for the middle to stand up and stand out!

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Middle Managers have the impact and influence within the organisation to account for 22.3% variance in revenue, according to Associate Professor Ethan Mollick at Wharton School.

Middle managers are critical for driving business success.

Middle managers are the glue, connectors, the conduit for an organisation’s success. The performance and productivity of frontline employees are directly influenced by middle managers. Senior leaders can rely on their middle managers to keep them up to date on what’s working, what’s not, as well the opportunities they can cease and leverage.

Forbes believes middle managers are the key to any company’s financial success, stating that middle management “binds purpose and execution.”

Pre-COVID-19, the Future of Work Skills 2020 identified that essential skills for success were behavioural inter-related with new technical. Sense-making, social intelligence, novel and adaptive thinking, cross-cultural competency, and collaboration being the skills of successful leaders.

COVID-19 has shown all of us that the skills of the future are behavioural rather than technical. We call them soft skills but there’s nothing soft about them. Middle Managers will excel in their leadership when they continuously develop their soft skills.

The senior executives may set the direction but middle managers influence the success of how that direction is implemented and executed. Profitability, employee retention and satisfaction, and company culture all rely on the power of the middle managers.

Having worked with thousands of managers across the world, what they consistently share with me is:

I really want my team to do well, I just don’t know how to engage them.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, I try to be clear with my expectations but sometimes it all goes wrong.

I don’t seem to get a seat at the table to share my ideas.

Maybe I’m just not cut out for leading others.

I want to be seen as a good leader by my team and my boss.

It's hard to lead a team when I all do is go to meetings, meetings, meetings!

I want to delegate but I don’t know where to start or what I can delegate.

I have a never ending ToDo list that I struggle to get through.

It’s exhausting trying to drive everyone’s productivity.

I avoid feedback conversations as I don’t want to be accused of bullying or have to deal with stalling tactics.

The team are now a mix of remote and face to face and leading this way is a whole new challenge

Types of Managers

Autocratic managers will be driven by overconfidence, even arrogance, relying solely on their own expertise to make decisions and direct the work. Their success as a manager is dire as the team will quickly move on. When this type of manager actively listens to others views and acknowledges there is expertise all around them their world view and perspective widens for the benefit of all, the work and the bottom line.

Micromanagers lack trust in themselves, the organisation and others. When they focus on building strong solid relationships they will have more confidence in others and will ease off their controlling ways.

Loners are the managers who prefer to work alone, believing they thrive when they work autonomously, however they have a responsibility to their team. When the lone manager learns to collaborate they’ll find value in the cooperation and support they and the whole team will experience.

Participative managers are often democratic and consultative in nature. The team will feel engaged however when speed is of the essence, decisions will need to be made when time does not allow for consultation. When this manager can confidently decide they become more agile and able to pivot quickly when required.

Visionary managers, are often considered strategic, they can interpret the vision effectively for the team however they may not involve themselves enough in the day to day so when change is necessary or opportunities arises they will need to invest far more time and effort in inspiring the change, reaching the team at the heart of things, so that they can get the engagement needed for the change or opportunity to be successful.

The Middle Managers Online Muster ...

Packed full of leadership development, personal branding and self-leadership.

  • Broaden and strengthen leadership skills.
  • Improve communication.
  • Enhance technical skills such as delegating and feedback conversations.
  • Fire up your confidence to take the seat at the table and speak up.
  • Amplify your personal brand for greater visibility across the organisation.
  • Explore strategies for furthering your career success.
  • Practical and immediately implementable tips, tools and techniques to boost your leadership.
  • Create your own development action plan.
  • Drive team performance.
  • Learn from award winning experts.

High performing Middle Managers are confident in themselves and are influential in how they stand up, speak up and stand out. They have clarity in what they are doing and what their team is working on; and they have the skills to engage their team members for greater cooperation and productivity.

The Middle Managers Online Muster is the perfect free three-day event to amplify your self-development, dive into managerial and leadership technical development, and expand your interpersonal development.

Confident middle managers who have clarity in who they are, their leadership and their role, and have the skills to engage and empower for greater collaboration and cooperation are going to be successful, productive and happy middle managers.

Presentations, Interviews, Resources

When you buy the Muster UP Package you receive all the content of the Muster plus receive a set of Management Success Cards shipped to you anywhere in the world and a PDF copy of The Productive Leader.

Financier Worldwide Magazine says, “The power of middle management to enable companies to thrive and grow should come as no surprise for global executives. Middle management acts as the important link between the C-suite’s goals and strategies and the employees that execute them.”

Who’s the Middle Managers Online Muster for:

If you have responsibility for others achieving work and you report to someone senior, then the Middle Managers Online Muster is for you.

  • General Manager
  • Plant Manager
  • Office Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • Divisional Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Frontline Leader
  • Supervisor
  • Shift Leader / Shift Supervisor

Amplify your leadership!

Expert Speakers Delivering Essential Topics for Your Leadership Development

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How to make remote leadership work for yourself and your team.

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The Intrapreneurial Middle Manager

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No More Snore-worthy Meetings

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Celebrate! The Secret to Winning the New Abnormal

Turn on your "GPS" for a happier, healthier and more productive workplace.

SPARK your Self-Leadership

Great leadership starts with exceptional self-leadership.

How to Leverage and Work in Partnership with your Assistant

Get the most from your relationship with your administration team/assistant.

The Art of Exceptionality

Go beyond unique: stand out and become a world class Middle Manager.

Boost Your Resilience at Work

Build your own resilience toolkit.

Psychological Safety

Build an emotionally intelligent team for operational excellence.

Power up Your Presentations

Learn how to project a powerful and authentic presence.

Muster UP

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DELEGATE: Double the Results! Halve YOUR Effort!

There’s only one you. Something has to give. It’s time to delegate!

Organisations don't change, people do!

Level up your change leadership so you and your team thrive.

Goal Drivers

Amplify your attitude and create momentum to achieve your goals faster, easier and sooner! 

Leadership Brand Presence for Professional Success

Step UP and Stand Out! Create career success by putting your best brand forward.

Bring out the Best as a Coach Manager

Achieve great results, boost motivation and increase engagement through coaching.

Your Host

Sally Foley-Lewis inspires and skills managers to be high performing, purposeful and productive. Obsessed with boosting productive- and self-leadership that ensures people reach their potential. Sally’s presentations and programs positively impact your confidence, leadership and results.

  • 2021 University of Southern Qld - Alumnus of the Year Award - Business and Enterprise
  • 2021 ROAR Success Awards - Silver Award for LEADERSHIP
  • 2021 A.I. Influential Businesswoman - Winner - Most Inspirational Leadership Development Specialist (Australia)
  • 2020 Gold Stevie Award – Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Business Services
  • 2020 Bronze Stevie Award – Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Consumer Services
  • 2020 Breakthrough Speaker of the Year by Professional Speakers Australia
  • 2019 finalist for Australian Learning Professional of the Year
  • 2019 Australian Champion Sole Trader winner - Australian Small Business Champion Awards
  • One of the 25 LinkedIn Top Voices for Australia for 2018 for her thought leadership

She is a global professional speaker, and has authored multiple books. Her book The Productive Leader received an endorsement from the renowned global personal development guru Brian Tracy. The drive to support and skill managers comes from her own senior leadership experiences. Sally delivers presentations, keynote speeches, workshops and coaching – live online and face-to-face - to skill managers, boost productivity and self-leadership.

Blending 20+ years of working with a diverse range of people and industries, in Germany, the Middle East, Asia and across Australia Sally has extensive qualifications, a wicked sense of humour and an ability to inspire and make people feel at ease. Sally’s your first choice for mastering skills, facilitating action and achieving results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where’s the Middle Managers Online Muster Held?

The whole Muster is totally online. You can watch from anywhere: your lounge room, office or back garden!

How does the Middle Managers Online Muster work?

Once you have registered you will receive a confirmation email to confirm your place. A few days before the Muster you will be emailed with the links for the access to the presenters each day.

When is the Middle Managers Online Muster?

Thursday 2nd June, Friday 3rd June and Saturday 4th June Australian Time - Brisbane / AEST. Please check the Time Converter to ensure you attend on the correct days.

What are the timings for the Middle Managers Online Muster?

Each day’s videos will go live at 9am AEST (check your time zone here) and you will have 24 hours to watch these. Each day you will be emailed the next link for the next day’s videos.

What’s the schedule for speakers for the Muster?

Each day you will have access to that day’s presenter videos and you can watch them in any order. Click here to see the schedule.

How much is the Middle Managers Online Muster?

FREE. Totally free!

How can I access the videos after the 24 hours of the Muster?

You can purchase the Muster UP Package. Simply register for your FREE ticket and upgrade at the checkout.


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